Chris Drummond Drummond

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

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Chris has over 25 years in the helping field and 6 years in the clinical & mental health field.  Chris works with children, youth, men, women, couples and families.


building open and honest communication

developing trust, respect and intimacy in the relationship

relationship difficulties

parenting issues

separation & divorce

family crisis


parent and child issues

Individual Counselling Services:


building self-esteem

anger management

working through depression

overcoming anxiety, panic, and worry

grief & loss

healing from past hurts

setting healthy boundaries

discovering one’s full potential

trauma (physical, sexual, emotional)

coping with physical or mental illness

managing work stress as well as career & workplace changes


Children & Youth Services:


challenging behavior

depression & anxiety

low self-esteem

eating disorders


grief & loss

coping with physical or mental illness


Specialized Counselling Services:


Addictions (chemical substances and process/behavior addictions)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic, and Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma  and Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional).

Couple & Family Counselling Services: